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2017 was a massive year for technological advancements around the world. Lead developers have transformed the way we look and interact with the world through technology. With 2017 being such a big year in technology, 2018 has the potential for even further exploration in the fascinating world of technology. This article will highlight some predictable technology trends that may occur over the course of 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

The dawn of artificial intelligence has brought on many concerns and speculations of the future of this powerful technology. In 2017, artificial intelligence gained massive popularity across the world. Businesses began using artificial intelligence in a wide array of applications. The use of artificial intelligence has just begun to grow and in 2018 you can expect it to grow exponentially over the year. Big companies like Apple and Microsoft are predicting that artificial intelligence will be a part of every person’s life in years to come. Although, we are not at the point of an artificial intelligence takeover, the technological advancements made in this specific field are extremely exciting and one that everyone should be on the lookout for.

Data Storage

Consumers spend most of their time on some form of technology. Whether it be their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, consumers get a majority of information from the internet. With a mass amount of people going online and storing data companies realize that the ability to store massive amounts of consumer data is becoming more and more relevant. Information regarding consumers and their time spent online is pertinent in today’s market. There is so much digital information that it is becoming increasingly difficult to store it all. The storage of personal data can give businesses the upper-hand on what their consumers want and even change the way we look at businesses like healthcare.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology skyrocketed in 2017 and is predicted to perform better in 2018 with new advancements. Many video game companies are developing games that include in-depth virtual reality tasks. Consumers are immersed in the game through a headset, headphones and even handheld devices to simulate weapons or tools. The world of virtual reality is just beginning to scratch the surface with its implications. In years to come, immersive virtual reality will become the norm in video games and extend further into other areas of entertainment.

The advancements in these technologies in 2018 give way to an exciting future! The possibilities are endless.