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Augmented reality technology has been around for some time now, and has found application in diverse aspects of human lives. Augmented reality tools have been introduced as solutions to various areas of life including medical, manufacturing, retail, and service delivery. These solutions are proving to be a game-changer as far as making people’s lives easier and smarter is concerned.

AR in Learning

Augmented reality solutions have been incorporated in the education sector and have found specific application in medical training. Special equipment enables medical students to learn more in regard to human anatomy. These tools come in handy in helping students understand various concepts of medical procedures and surgeries which cannot be attempted on living subjects.

Engineering Design

Augmented reality solutions have also been introduced in the engineering sector where architects can design 4D models of buildings and virtually maneuver their way inside to visualize various specifications. Environmental impact assessments can also be conducted more accurately using augmented reality where engineers and environmentalists can virtually walk into a given area to assess how constructions impact environment.


Application of augmented reality in manufacturing allows engineers to develop certain specifications and test them before the actual build. This concept is useful for customers who may want to visualize and test product specifications. It also allows engineers to make some changes to ensure the final product manufactured meets their technical and aesthetic needs.


Augmented reality tools are also applicable in the tourism industry where visitors and tourists can take virtual tours into famous areas such as museums and theme parks. Augmented reality tourism is considered much fun as it gives tourists an immersive experience where they can virtually to walk into any possible destination of the liking.


AR tools designed for the business sector have been developed to help large corporations handle their logistics with my efficiency. Large shipping companies running warehouses have the opportunity to optimize their operations by visualizing the shortest possible route to take when seeking to store and retrieve goods from within a crowded warehouse.

Repair and Maintenance Operations

Mechanics and repair experts have the opportunity of utilizing augmented reality tools to help visualize mechanical problems with being complicated machines such as airplane engines. The efficiency and accuracy of mechanical repairs are, therefore, greatly enhanced by such tools as they help one to spot the actual location of a flaw in a complex machine.