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Soon, technology that we once thought was incredibly futuristic will take hold of our everyday lives and help us in every way possible. Transportation has been a key aspect of life that tech giants and innovators have focused on for years. Making the way we get around more efficient will change our lives for the better. These technological advancements are beginning to seep into advertising outlets to inform us that the future is here! This article will talk about some of the more prominent and realistic technologies that are changing the way we look at transportation for good.

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars are here to stay. Big companies like Tesla, Google, Uber, Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes are all tuning their technologies to achieve completely autonomous cars for the general population. Some of these companies are not only focusing on cars alone, but rather buses, trains, trolleys and even drones are being programmed to maneuver autonomously.


Not only are the vehicles we use to get around day-to-day being adjusted, but the roads they travel on are also changing the way we get around. Smart Roads are being designed to communicate with cars through sensors within the car and the road itself. This information will be able to tell the car what is going on around them and how it should respond. Smart roads can be the answer to many of our transportation concerns especially when it comes to inclement weather. Smart roads will run on solar power and be able to use that power to not only communicate with other vehicles but meltaway snow and ice. Smart roads can revolutionize the way we we use our vehicles. Another technology that is upcoming has nothing to do with wheels on the road.


Hyperloop is a concept from the teams of SpaceX and Tesla combined to create an underground means of transportation that has never been seen before. Hyperloop is stated to reach up to speeds of seven hundred miles an hour. Hyperloop will run entirely on an electric motor and glides along a track due to installed magnets in the train. These magnets allow the train to move at incredibly fast speeds by not being attached to a track and also very low aerodynamic drag.

These new technologies and many more are forever changing the way we interact with the world. Only time will tell what technologies will come to fruition and benefit society as a whole.