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Nick Toadvine

Technology Trends

Nick Toadvine has over twenty years of experience in the finance industry. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree at Florida Southern College, Nick went on to continuously gain experience in his field, excited to serve his clients. He is trained not only in finance, but also investment management, retirement income, risk management, estate planning, business planning, and tax reduction strategies.

Nick Toadvine has acted as a pioneer by embracing new and exciting technologies into his professional career. The world of finance is ever-changing and technology is developing new ways to look through every aspect of life. Nick Toadvine is no stranger to this phenomenon. New and emerging technologies have driven Nick to adopt ways in which he can better serve his clients in his financial planning practice. What started out as a simple hobby has transformed into an essential tool that can be helpful in various circumstances.

To date, Nick’s most significant accomplishment has been forming and managing his own financial planning company, Guardian Wealth Management. At Guardian Wealth Management, Nick prides himself on the services that he provides to his clients. Nick aims to keep his clients on for life by constantly providing them with valuable information geared specifically to their financial goals. He strives to set his business apart from the average finance company by listening to his client’s needs and offering valuable information specifically geared towards their financial goals.

One of Nick’s core beliefs is that people should seek to understand new technologies rather than push them away. As with any new technology, it will take time to understand it but, in the end, you will come out with a better knowledge of technology and new tools to use in your professional and personal life. Nick applies this belief to the work that he does and is always open-minded and accepting of new perspectives.

In his spare time, Nick Toadvine serves on the board of directors at his local YMCA. His involvement in the community links directly back to Nick’s passion to serve his clients to the best of his abilities. Nick was also the host of Your Money Counts, a weekly financial talk radio show that aired on Saturday mornings in the central Florida area. On the show, Nick answered questions about investments, and financial advice. When Nick gets a break from his busy schedule, he enjoys spending time with his family, trying new foods, and exercising.