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In the past two years talks about machine learning and artificial intelligence have skyrocketed. Companies are striving to get their feet wet into the explosion of interest with AI. Advocates for the new technologies claim that machine learning will alter the way we view and act in the world. This article will talk about what machine learning is and how it could change the world indefinitely.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is what drives artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the ability for artificial intelligence to make calculated predictions based on data taken from previous interactions. A good way to think about this is the online streaming service, Netflix. Netflix uses machine learning to recommend shows or movies to its users based on what they have previously watched. This ensures that customers come in contact with things they want to watch giving them a satisfying experience with the service. This algorithm and variations of this algorithm are being used in different areas of expertise from the medical field to helping lawyers. This technology has the potential to change the world and the way we interact with it.


One of the most obvious and practical advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning are the uses in the manual labor force. Tasks that are dangerous and could cause serious injury are beginning to be completed through artificial intelligence. Driverless trucks are being utilized to enter and exit mines to prevent humans from going in themselves and potentially hurting themselves.


Artificial Intelligence is being used to quickly diagnose patients and treat them on the spot without ever having to see a doctor. This kind of technology could be effective in eliminating diseases due to socio-economic factors, giving more people better access to medication and treatment. Improvements in machine learning could also give health professionals a leg up on finding cures for common ailments. Two heads are better than one.


Driverless cars and trucks are here, and they are here to stay. Companies like Uber and Lyft are using driverless cars to transport people from point A to point B. this technology can only get better and could perhaps eliminate taxi drivers altogether.

The possibilities are endless for machine learning. In the next five years, artificial intelligence and machine learning are predicted to be one of the most sought-after technologies and for a good reason.