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It is no secret that artificial intelligence is going to impact every aspect of our lives. In some cases, it already has. Artificial intelligence is being used in various professions around the globe to help businesses and consumers interact with brands. This article will give some examples of artificial intelligence and how it is being used to help create a better customer experience for businesses.

Customer Service


Some businesses are implementing artificial intelligence to be an around-the-clock customer service team. When consumers encounter a problem with a product or service, they want the issue to be resolved immediately regardless what time of day it is. Chatbots can be set up to be able to answer and concerns and questions someone may have about a product or service. This enables customers to find a solution quickly and can reassure them that your business has something that will help them any time of day.


Fraud Detection


Ticketmaster is a company that has been adamant about solving the scalping epidemic that some ticket purchasers may encounter. Verified Fan is the robot service that Ticketmaster uses to combat scalper bots. People who are interested in an event will register on Ticketmaster ahead of time. Verified Fan analyzes the registered users and then sends a code to unlock the ability to purchase tickets. This process was designed to stop robot scalpers from purchasing tickets to resell them at a higher price. It has proven to be accurate in stopping scalpers and allowing people interested in the event to go.




Artificial Intelligence has the ability to store vast amounts of information such as customer purchases and visits. This information can prove to be valuable to businesses because they can refer back to this information to create a more personalized experience for their customers. Businesses can cut out the items and services that their customers do not want or need and get right to the products that they purchase most or are likely to purchase. Consumers crave and demand a personalized experience especially when interacting with service companies. Machine learning can be a significant tool in keeping customers happy and coming back for future purchases.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence is something that cannot be ignored. Every day businesses are finding new ways to implement artificial intelligence to cut down on costs and improve their customer experience. Keep an eye out for artificial intelligence tactics in your area!